Throwback Love Exchange (2016)

This girl was fly,

Haircut like Halle Berry from the movie “Strictly Business,”

And when said she wanted me to bust her cherry,

I got stiff with the quickness,

It seemed like it took forever for 8 o’clock to get here,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Well Said (2018)

Enjoying every second of fatherhood,

Like a true father should,

It brings a joy that I wish more people understood,

It is indescribable,

Better than any titles, or false idols,

It adds a certain purpose,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Kennedy Olivia (2017)

Our second daughter,

The baby princess,

Our prayers answered as heaven stands at attention,

We see God in multiple dimensions,

A miracle every time

The name Kennedy Olivia Cuffee

Is mentioned,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Brooke Madison (2015)

Miracles happen every day,

So I suppose it is time to put my princess on display,

Her birth filled Marsha and I with such elation,

A poet by reputation,

But in all my years of creating,

Everything I’ve ever done or thought falls woefully short

When compared to this creation,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Black Superhero (2016)

(Brace yourselves)

According to you I’m living in hell, 

And pretty soon I’ll be dead or in jail, 

But on the contrary, 

I’m living quite well, 

And I’ve never seen the inside of a jail cell, 

I, like so many other Black males 

Have a more positive story to tell,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Friend Zone (2017)

Poor ole Melanin with all her sappy lovers,

For a while now, her outlook on men,

Was that the dating game is for suckers,

Tossed Todd back because he was a down low brother,

Mitch still lived with his mother,

Horace didn't know how to love her,

Michael liked to see women suffer,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Better Together (2014)

One of God’s greatest gifts

Is finding that someone special to share your life with,

So timely the trip,

As we both take sips…of paradise,

Embrace a future paved by husband and wife,

In conversations with our maker,

We sit stunned in amazement,

As we’re faced with loving elations,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Auditions (2016)

Somewhere along the line

The image of a good man has become blurred,

He isn’t a catch because he doesn’t beat on you or cheat on you,

He’s a catch because he knows how,

And how not to treat you,

Greet you,

His loyalty and trustworthiness are merely a preview,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Pearls (2015)

Never take your wife for grant it,

Her and your children are your biggest blessings on this planet,

Salute to those that are fortunate enough to understand this,

Many men are incapable of standing on their own two feet,

Their bad life decisions have reduced them

To being homeless in the streets,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Purple Rain (2016)

It was 1999,

And I was driving my little red corvette,

My course set,

Infatuated with this girl I just met,

Speeding over graffiti bridge on my way to erotic city,

Just to have a date with that sexy motherfucker,

My darling Nikki,

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DeJuan Cuffee
My Molecular Theory (2001)

Deeper than Spock,

Jams my juggernaut,

Kinetic connection of the dots,

Making undiscovered literature out of lava and rocks,

She romances and converts a lost tribes Lothario,

Lynched by her love strokes and her the same scenario,

Satisfied at the molecules at stake hence the burial...


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DeJuan Cuffee
Classical Music (2011)

Animalistic aggression has us undressing,

I measure meteors the size of planets when led to erection,  

My dissection of your affectionate connection

Requires methods of blessing and caressing your creamy moisture of joy,

Our creator’s ploy to supply you with an internal sex toy,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Heavyweight Champion (2018)

Hand speed of Ali, footwork elite,

With Tyson’s knockout ability,

Sure to knock you off your feet,

Alter your speech,

With the jab of Larry Holmes,

Constantly tagging your dome

Until nobody’s home,

Relentless like Marciano,

Blows hit harder than a falling piano,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Doing You a Favor (2015)

How dare he tarnish nature’s gift,

Yet more blood is on her handkerchief,

From being pummeled mercilessly by another stiff,

As you go back and forth in yet another yo-yo relationship,

And this goon has the nerve to ask you to take that sacred trip,


Honey if you do that, you must be in a rush to perish,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Show More Teeth (2014)

You say we perpetuate myths,

But the cots were full of syphilis patients

Railroaded with visions of bliss,

Black Wall street was devastated,

And the miseries of slavery can never be overstated,

Our heritage is slighted rather than celebrated,

The minute a Blackman was elected president,

Out came the racist,

As blatant as ever,

You say “I’m different” because I’m clever,

Again, insulting me with your tongue,

“Oh, he speaks proper, so him we wouldn’t have hung?”

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DeJuan Cuffee
Yes, You’re a Woman (Part 2) (2016)

Still seen as the scourge of the earth by many, 

Your skin complexion treated with the worth of a penny, 

Yet you are the queens of the universe, 

No matter the poem or verse, 

Being a Black woman is far from a curse, 

On the contrary, it is the reverse, 

It is a blessing,

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DeJuan Cuffee