Too Loud (2019)

The definition of a nightmare

Is when those hackers used ransomware,

And threatened to expose your affair,

Not even your savoir-faire

Could save you from that one,

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DeJuan Cuffee
I Used to Do This for Fun (2019)

I swear, I would’ve been a savage

If it wasn’t for that Black Girl Magic,

Having to explain to God my boundless passions,

In-out, in-out skin bouts of madness,

Still don’t know what I was searching for,

But as fate would have it,

She found me,

And I found peace,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Future Conversations with Our Daughters (2019)

I’m always here when it is time for a chat,

In body, soul, and spirit,

As well as Mother Dearest,

I pray that you are fearless

In the pursuit of your dreams,

And no matter if you are tall, short, skinny, or fat,

Be proud of how you look in your jeans,

As I said, you are Black Queens,

I can’t stress that enough,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Making the Unnatural Natural (2019)

What I see in you is revolution,

One protest poem away from evolution,

I love you too much to stay quiet,

Imagine, if you will, a riot,

To voice our displeasure with Blacks killing Blacks

Being an acceptable reality,

Because more Blacks are dying from killing each other,

Than from police brutality,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Broke the Mold (2019)

My thoughts were once the hieroglyphics

Found in caves,

My word placement is the answer

To old prayers from many a slave,

Music is a universal language,

But in the wrong hands it can be dangerous,

Always cool when a message accompanies the entertainment,

I cultivate cults of creativity contained bliss,

Poetry sustains it,

Sure, I take credit,

But this is God’s talk,

Look how he beautifully arranged it,

Prophecy is about awakening who you are,

As in I’m the illest wordsmith by far,

I am to these words

What Hendrix was to the guitar,

My rebellious chants will eventually become the norm,

Facts inform,

But the truth transforms,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Techniques (2019)

Just because you receive likes,

Don’t mean they like you,

Jealousy will roll right up on you

And side swipe you,

She met him at H&M in the men’s section,

Thought they were met to be

Because they had a connection,

Truth is, he only liked her

Because she gave him an erection,

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DeJuan Cuffee
The Don and the Dark Continent (2019)

Dark Continent let’s bond a bit,

Your Black skin, I honor it,

Your sex appeal had my joint harder

Than some of my accomplishments,

But you are a classy lady,

So, you made me wait before you fondled it,

Prior to you,

There was no telling where the anaconda went,

After meeting you I haven’t doubted karma since,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Every Bullet Has a Story (2019)

It took her forty years to find Christ,

But later that night,

Her and the pastor that helped her with the introduction,

Got down to fucking,

Of course, he’s married,

But it didn’t stop him

From going after the previous church secretary,

He likes them thick and busty 

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DeJuan Cuffee
Bad Batch (2019)

When is the last time you had anything positive

To say about a woman,

Or more specifically, a Black woman,

You're probably single for a reason,

Yet another season of swimming

In your self-induced batches of jism,

Your jargon is full of falsehoods and misguided beliefs,

The opposite of wisdom

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DeJuan Cuffee
Three Tales (2019)

My homie wouldn’t date you,

So you lied and said he raped you,

I guess it was a good thing he taped you,

You sought the “D,”

But when you wanted him exclusively,

He copped a plea,

Told you up front what this would be,

Yet and still,

There you were popping those pills,

Lying to the law about how he tried to have you killed,

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DeJuan Cuffee
The Formula (2018)

You want me to believe my friend,

Just out of nowhere,

Decided to commit suicide like a kamikaze pilot,


I think it was more of that unjustified police violence,

Followed by character assassination by the media,

A cover-up all the more seedier,

The tried and true formula to dispose of darkies,

He ordered the chicken with the dark meat,

Right before some deranged officer decided to spark heat

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DeJuan Cuffee
Orgasm (2017)

But most times I prefer the caramel and chocolate,

Love it when she shows me how dark it gets,

Black love is marvelous,

Especially when the distinction is so targeted,

Hardened hits,

A darkened bliss,

Irresistible kiss,

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DeJuan Cuffee
One Weekend (2018)

“There’s a lot of money in that white powder,”

It’s amazing how the drug game made kings out of cowards,

That lust for the money led to far too many bullet showers,

Young Black kids devoured,

Mother’s dressed in Black receiving flowers,

Countdown to Armageddon is in a couple of hours

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DeJuan Cuffee
On this Episode (2018)

For some men and women it is a daily routine

To bash the opposite sex

By posting silly little memes,

I guess that is why you are still single,

Chasing the man or woman of your dreams

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DeJuan Cuffee