Well Said (2018)

Well Said.jpg

Enjoying every second of fatherhood,

Like a true father should,

It brings a joy that I wish more people understood,

It is indescribable,

Better than any titles, or false idols,

It adds a certain purpose,

A meaning that has yet to surface,

And shapes how you experience the world,

The protector and provider for your boy or girl,

Priceless if you do it right,

Stay close, not out of sight,

You may rarely get the credit,

Or the limelight,

Many times that is reserved for the mother,

And her plight,

But that is alright,

Those in the “know,” understand

What it takes for a man to be a father,

Too many men skipped town,

Or didn’t even bother,

Look at a man’s actions,

Because regardless of what he says,

Actions speak louder,


With all that I’ve accomplished,

It wasn’t until I became a father,

That my parents couldn’t be prouder,

Being a father doesn’t make you a man,

That is not the message,

But being a father is truly a blessing,

To be cherished,

And not belittled, or lessened,

Throughout my adolescents

I’ve seen those without that role model,

Blame the drugs, society (racism), or the bottle,

To be quite blunt,

Some chumps helped raise a generation of punks,

By being out of their kids’ lives

They rolled the dice,

Many didn’t make it past 18,

Others are serving 25 to life,

Many overcame the odds,

And became successful,

One of the things on my to do list

Is to teach my kids that being Black

Does not mean life is stressful,

Even though, true justice and equality are mere myths,

There is so much in between happiness,

And throwing yourself off a cliff,

A lot of “in between” if you know what I mean,

We can experience greatness,

Not just merely exist,

And one day I’ll explain to my kids

Why my logo is a Black and gray fist,

And why one must refuse and resist

The urge to be anything but great…

DeJuan Cuffee