All of That for One Drop of Blood (2018)

All of That for One Drop of Blood.jpg

How he treats you is how he feels about you,

Yet you continue to doubt truth,

He’s only around when your panties are down,

Up in some cheap hotel,

Excuse me, motel,

But you can’t stop thinking about him

Because he fucks you so well,

Oh well, never mind

The she-males he had all up his tail,

Sickly tales,

Spreading disease and filth,

Some shit he learned in jail,

It took you a minute to realize dude’s sick addiction,

And in a year,

There you were crying to some physician,

About having to take some lousy prescriptions,

Throwing a conniption fit,

Contemplating slit wrist,

“Damn you’re conflicted Sis,”

All of this

Because HIV is your new reality and soulmate to be… 


For some of you common sense has taken a vacation,

As you continue to go backwards

Like Mandingo fighting and Buck breaking,

We want equality yesterday,

Fuck waiting,

This is the Black Renaissance you’re facing,

Bright minds have been awakened,

Always a good time for action and education,

I shape sensations with my poetic creations,

With life lessons and conscious concepts cleverly baked in…


Open Sesame,

I embraced my destiny,

Now we’re headed in an upward trajectory,

Rhymes reveal my greatness,

While at the same time exposing treachery,

Politicians sure to put laws in place

That shorten your life expectancy,

With these poems I obtain titles and thrones collectively,

Black and beautiful is what I’m blessed to be,

Flashbacks of when the Don was like,

“Sure man, stand next to me,”

Because we knew you were too corny

To get the sex for free,

I retired from the rhyme wars unexpectedly,

Erected peaks,

My mind would freeze

Because it was my prime times infinity for weeks,

Wisdom at its infancy,

How dare you try and compete,

Lines are complete,

Don’t know the meaning of defeat,

My peeps were stoned, lynched, and burned alive

Just so I could have the privilege to speak,



So no matter my feats,

I have so much more to accomplish

Before my mission’s complete,

Flow minus the beat,

Hooked on elite,

Truly remarkable marvels

That will knock you into next century,

My confidence, I rock it endlessly…   

Amazing what happens when stupidity is around,

Like this one clown,

Who figured he could sell drugs downtown,

Thought he was the White Nino Brown,

But when he came up short a couple of pounds,

Those Mexicans gunned the gringo down,

Even shot up his mother at the bingo lounge,

When the smoke cleared

You didn’t hear a single sound…


My last book is like poetry and hip-hop

Birthed an encyclopedia,

There is wisdom in my meteors,

My proper placement in peace,

I relate to God,

He understands my speech,

My soul he keeps,

Family man,

Settled in with the natural tan,

“Rhymes are supernatural man!”

Like, seriously, a spiritual masterpiece,

My mind unhinged would’ve been a catastrophe,

I’m talking time machines, revolutions,

And quotes like,

“Let the bastards bleed…”  

The Don has an ego as wide as the universe,

The Sultan is the greatest,

And he proves this verse after verse,

Cursed to live on earth,

Because of my transgressions

On the Planet Full of Dons,

This lost tribe’s Lothario became a vagabond,

Once I found my way,

The creation of Planet Zudo

Was my response,

Of my own Molecular Theory,

I was fond,

But God punished me for my past escapades as the Don,

Back when I was on some lyrical pied piper,

I probably piped her,

And five just like her,

Subsequent regrets,

One who recollects,

Rhyme flows I collect,

Reflections of the Horsemen,

Alas, I rode out alone,

And became my own Triple Threat,

DeJuan, Sultan, and The Don,

The one and only showman,

Alien icon,


Lyrical mercenary,

Legendary voice of his generation,

Ageless due to timely word placement… 

DeJuan Cuffee