Throwback Love Exchange (2016)

Throwback Love Exchange.jpg

Caught up in a scrum with my ‘Bonita Applebum’

Over some ‘Bitties in the BK Lounge,’

Told her I wasn’t trying to holler,

You know that’s not how I get down,

But she wouldn’t believe me,

She threatened to leave me,

And put me on that ‘Silent Treatment,’

Fucked up my whole weekend…

Got me to reminiscing…


I remember back when I had a ‘Teenage Love,’

But back then Bonita was caught up in them thugs,

I used to walk her back and forth from class,

Too much of a gentleman to overtly pursue the ass,

I just let her pass

And scribbled love notes in my pad,

But eventually I got tired of her ‘Passing me By,’

So I stopped being shy and asked her if I could be her guy,

Like go steady,

She said that I was ‘Just a Friend,’

And that she wasn’t ready,

Those words cut through me like a machete,

I played it cool,

And later hung out with my homeboy Eddie,

He was going on and on about some ‘Freaky Tales’

He had with ‘Blow Job Betty,’

He said he could put me on,

And she’d let me ‘Put it in her Mouth,’

I first thought no doubt,

Then I said nah,

I’m not interested in sharing, trains,

Or standing in line,

Okay fine he said,

How about her friend Sally,

Nah, ‘Sally got a One-track Mind,’

I can’t afford her behind,

She’s more interested in the dollar signs,

Yo, I know, what’s up with ‘Renee,’

Oh, I heard she was gay,

Say word,

Yeah man,

She’s messing with some ‘Girl from around the Way,’

Okay, that’s straight,

I’ll catch you later,

I need to go meditate…


A few weeks later I ran into this flame named ‘Jane,’

And she wanted me to duke her,

I was like super,

She asked me what time I could come by to scoop her,

Around eight,

Alright it’s a date,

This girl was fly,

Haircut like Halle Berry from the movie “Strictly Business,”

And when said she wanted me to bust her cherry,

I got stiff with the quickness,

It seemed like it took forever for 8 o’clock to get here,

I had visions of exploring her furry frontier,

But when I rung her doorbell no one appeared,

Huh, that’s weird,

I rung it a few more times,

Waited, waited, damn,

It’s a quarter to nine…


It was a month later when I was introduced to ‘Mahogany,’

This girl was as fly as she can be,

Had me forgetting how to pee I was so nervous,

But our meeting seemed destined with a purpose,

Our minds connected and in a matter of weeks

We were slipping and sliding like serpents,

We would have conversations on hip-hop, rock, knowledge of self,

God, college, goals, and future wealth,

Oh, and it helped that she had that ‘Feminine Fat,’

You bet it was heaven to be swimming in that,

Our romance blossomed until she got accepted into UCLA,

I was both happy and sad,

Because I knew we would have to part ways,

Call it destiny or fate,

But my college remained in my home state of Virginia,

And on her last night in town

We gave each other a night we’d remember…


(Present Day)


Bonita still playing games and sending hurtful messages,

Our relationship,

A wreckage,

Without trust,

We may as well be past tense,

But what’s crazy is my old buddy Vince

Said he’s been trying to track me down,

Because ole girl is back in town,


You know, Mahogany,


Yeah, I heard she’s going to be teaching psychology,

All man, that was the one bro,

‘I used to love her,’

Just then my cell phone rang,

I picked up and it was her…

DeJuan Cuffee