Legacy Fulfilled (2018)

Legacy Fulfilled.jpg

In a racist society,

Raising sane, righteous Black children

Is a revolutionary act,

Sooner or later you’ll grow up

From wasting babies on yet another stripper’s back,

Location evolution,

Flow is like the Black fist of retribution,

Peaks of bravery

To outwit nut jobs trying to bring back slavery

And the Final Solution,

Many don’t understand what is at stake,

Humans suffering,

And policies in place to keep it that way,

You act so high and mighty,

But there will come a day

When God goes over your resume,

Man, woman, child, you better pray…   




I swear, when it comes to this presidency,

It’s like who is going to win next?

Some goof who as a youth

Sniffed glue and downed a whole bottle of Windex?

Some of my heroes were those Blacks

That were thrown in the Agitator Index,

Go to the joint to see

How man gladiators are winless,

Use the alphabet to spread a message,

Entertain, or take you away from your stressors…

DeJuan, Sultan, or the Don,

Otherwise referred to as handsome or striking,

But of my skin tone some are still frightened,

On my bookmarks is my slogan

“Dare to Be Entertained and Enlightened,”

Poetically a titan,

I’m talking bring on the Avengers and the Justice League,

Word from the big man

Is they’re all out of my league,

I confidently agreed,

I seduced the English language,

And pulverized my opposition into pigeon feed,

Haters hate in anguish,

Wish to off me with the stainless,

But still my ideas build,

Legacy fulfilled…   

DeJuan Cuffee