Energy Sucking Vampires (ESV) (2013)

Misery loves company like a crack addicted junkie,

Damn shame when your own blood

Would rather see you as a failure,

A flunky,

Rather than prosperous with good health and money,


My days are nice and sunny,

Don’t need your toxic vibes trying to stun me,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Redlining (2017)

While some spend lavishly on vacations,

Others are still suffering

Due to the state-sponsored system of segregation,

You preach patience,

But my kind was,

And still is turned away at every station,

Back when the government was bending over backwards

To provide housing to the lighter shade,

You know, those nice suburban communities,

That led to brighter days,

Meanwhile the darker shade (former slaves)

Were pushed into the urban housing,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Rock On (2012)

A Radiohead,

As I’m surrounded by an orgy of sounds from the band that destroyed rock n roll,

“For Whom the Bell Tolls,”

Metallica unloads,

I’m high off the Pixies dust,

Walking through the Doors of a California gold rush,

The coolness of Sonic Youth continues to show no rust,

In the Beatles I trust,

The five senses adjust

To hearing Hendrix make love to the guitar,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Back in the Day (2012)

What you know about “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back,”

Or the cleverly laced tracks laid down by the abstract acts from the Native Tongue,

Well hung on this hip-hop tradition,

My lover puts my pole in position,

Just a smidgeon of Kane, Kool G Rap, and BDP,

No roster would be complete without Public Enemy, the Ultramagnetic MCs,

And EPMD,                                

I marvel at the multiple personalities of Kool Keith,

The utter disbelief of lyrical prowess from Company Flow, Nas, Biggie, or Jay-Z,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Thinking about Love (2011)

There can be no love without sacrifice,

Fantasy can become your vice as one ponders paradise,

The stiletto heels,

The poltergeist snatch device,

The fondled furry frontier,

The massaged mind blend egos,

The atmosphere,

The always here even when she isn’t near,

Breathing in the same fears,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Thank You (2017)

Thank you for Blacks killed in their teens 

Being a typical weekend, 

Thank you for judging me based on my color 

Prior to us even speaking, 

Thank you for convincing the youth 

That Blacks are an endangered species, 

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DeJuan Cuffee
Hang’em High (2016)

I’m about to open up a privatized for-profit prison company

Called Hang’em High,

I’ll target the Latinos, Blacks, and poor White kids,

You know, the small fries,

From the poor neighborhoods,

Destroy futures more than any lightsaber could,

We’ll make it our business to lock up your statistics,

Charge inmates $1.50 a minute to dial their seven digits

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DeJuan Cuffee
Natural Selection (2018)

There is beauty in the struggle,

Which is why I love you,

There is beauty in the struggle,

Which is why I love you…


We are more than just another couple,

And when confronted by a racism not so subtle,

We cuddled in our faith like heaven above you,

Thought out strategies of protest and insurrection,

You fondled my erection,

Way before our life long connection,

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DeJuan Cuffee
Not Guilty (2014)

On your race I shitted,

Because once again I was acquitted,

For shooting your Black ass well into the double digits,

To us this is business,

We see nothing wicked about how we kick it,

Another bullet erases your ‘young, Black, and gifted,’

Even a videotape of my actions hold no weight or significance,

‘You people’ are killing yourselves (so what’s the difference)

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DeJuan Cuffee
My 45 (2018)

I’ll pulverize your insides with this 45,

I’ll tell lies and sell lies like “Russia’s not a spy,”

Aim my 45 right between your eyes,

Who cares if more kids die?

Women claim I abused them,

Nice try,

My 45 defied logic by being voted into office,

Praised by bigots often,

For policies that will send poor people to their coffins

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DeJuan Cuffee
Cocoa Butter (The Lost Files) (2018)

It’s been a while since I touched you like lovers do,

Caressing, then undressing

Until your nakedness utters clues,

Your skin, so smooth like cocoa butter,

I swear I made your pussy stutter

The last time we intertwined underneath the covers,

Flashbacks of when a lady was just that,

And a gentleman had to earn the cat,

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DeJuan Cuffee
No Peer (2017)

This is that trippy, spaced out alien hyper-fuck remix,

So out of touch with these outdated rhyme skits,

That I blew the stereotypical Black superhero to bits,

Damn right I hold up the Black fist,

Legacy reenactments,

The serum is colorless, odorless,  

Hard to counteract bliss

With Hendrix chords in the background,

Battle tactics,

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DeJuan Cuffee
One of Four (2013)

Every head bowed, every eye closed, 

As the Sultan disrobes, 

My poems add life to yet another part of the globe, 

I speak bold, 

Because my kind is owed, 

Strut around like I own this place, 

Metaphorically immortal, high as freebase, 

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DeJuan Cuffee
Gunfire II (2016)

I’m sensing a trend here,

We are still being called an endangered species,

No relief or wins here,

Satan’s message is sincere,

When he whispers in your ear,

“If you are a young Black male your end is near,”

Whether from some brother down the block,

Or a racist ass cop,

Either way every day somebody’s heart stops,


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DeJuan Cuffee