Friend Zone (2017)

Poor ole Melanin with all her sappy lovers,

For a while now, her outlook on men,

Was that the dating game is for suckers,

Tossed Todd back because he was a down low brother,

Mitch still lived with his mother,

Horace didn't know how to love her,

Michael liked to see women suffer,

Blake was just soft,

Her little sister was tougher,

Sean talked a good game

Until he got her under the covers,

Then it was like his penis stuttered,

With him she was patient at first,

But initially their relationship suffered

Because of it,

Things were going good with William

Until she found out he had a dozen kids,

Andre dismissed her,

Because he is one of those dudes

That dates anything but sistas,

Lump him in the pile with those other sell outs

Who thought she was too black too strong,




Little did Melanin know

Her future husband was right under her nose all along,

She had him in the friend zone,

Until he read her this love poem,

Cat’s name was Gerome,

Even back in the day he would always walk her home,

Their conversations were blessings to her dome,

He was actually kind of cute

When she thought about it,

Was treating her like a queen long before

Any desires of getting in her hot pocket,

How she missed it all this time

Defies logic,

When it came to men

She was so used to being disappointed,

She could take the phrase don't get my hopes up

And coin it,

But here was this man with the necessary ointments,

He was a King in his own right,

And she finally turned on her lights,

Gave the deserving brother the spotlight,

And boy,

Did those slots light


They fell in love,

And when they finally did take all their clothes off,

He hit it like a boss,

Sometimes in order to find your way,

You have to get lost…

DeJuan Cuffee