You may wonder how I came up with Black Sultan Productions, well, the word “Black” signifies Black pride, and it is about having confidence and owning, as well as thriving, in your truth (in your blackness).  The term “Sultan” is not only my pen name, but it has special meaning, with Arabic origins, it means, ruler, king or queen, strength, authority, rulership.  I consider Black men, kings, and Black women, queens, and me being the Sultan is my own unique way of calling myself a king.  I may not be famous or well known, but I sit on a throne of poems.    

 The BSP logo (black fist, pen, and the sun) ties in with my slogan, “Dare to Be Entertained and Enlightened.”  The logo can be a shield, a positive shield, to combat the racism, negative stereotypes and myths aimed at the Black men and women on a regular basis. 

 At the end of the day, DeJuan Cuffee (Sultan) and his works represent activism through art, and he thrives to continue the legacy of the Black heroes that came before him.  There are many categories of Black heroes, you have the Black men and women who live a honorable life, raise their children the right way, go to work on a daily basis, and give back what they can to the community, nothing extraordinary, but they are setting a great example, other Black heroes include the giants who fought for our freedoms, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, etc., and yet others could be Black men or women who were once criminals, but reformed their wayward ways, and became positive role models for this society.