Kennedy Olivia (2017)


Another miracle to thank God for,

His loving grace has blessed us more and more,

Another princess set to soar,

A Team Cuffee encore,

Epic moments in store,

My legacy to the core…


I can make rhymes,

Create super hype lines,

But my greatest creation

Is when me and Marsha combine

To add another child

With the same last name as mine,

A gift to mankind,

Our second daughter,

The baby princess,

Our prayers answered as heaven stands at attention,

We see God in multiple dimensions,

A miracle every time

The name Kennedy Olivia Cuffee

Is mentioned,

No second guessing

As we teach both of our blessings

Life lessons,

These past few years I've experienced joys

That are indescribable,

Parenthood’s evolving cycle,

Being a father is the greatest title

I could ever hold,

Ensuring our children are never cold,

Kids are wonders beyond explaining,

A balance worth maintaining,

As priceless as peace,

Kennedy is perfection

From all of that hair,

All the way down to her feet,

Looking like her big sister,






Almost pass as twins,

Once again,

My whole earth shook

When Kennedy arrived,

Futures transcribed,

Dreams of being around to father two beautiful brides,

But I slow down,

So, I can enjoy the ride,

So much joy to come…

I vow to make y'all proud,

Doing what God will allow,

I stand at the precipice of proud,

I imagine it multiplies

Just as surely as time flies,

Tons of lullabies,

And sunny skies,

It’s true poetry,

When we read our little ones bedtime stories,

As we await life’s triumphs, sadness,

And glories,

And many a milestone

To which other parents can relate,

We will teach you both to value yourselves,

And be proud of your race,

Face, and shape,

The world’s a wonderful place,

Despite some trying their hardest to make it not so,

It was once said

That a daughter may outgrow your lap,

But your heart she will never outgrow,

Our creations are a blending of joy,

Humanity, and hope,

I could write books or endless quotes

On how our decisions shaped our happiness,

And how our maker allowed it all to happen,

One of my designs is to leave something behind

That will stand the test of time,  

Never mind the ego in rhymes,

My family is my shrine,

My words,

Merely add a little sparkle to the shine,

As surely as I was once a sparkle in my parent’s eyes,

And despite what is sold on those fancy scrolls,

One of the greatest stories ever told

Is that daughters take care of their fathers,

When their daddies grow old…

DeJuan Cuffee