Three Tales (2019)

My homie wouldn’t date you,

So you lied and said he raped you,

I guess it was a good thing he taped you,

You sought the “D,”

But when you wanted him exclusively,

He copped a plea,

Told you up front what this would be,

Yet and still,

There you were popping those pills,

Lying to the law about how he tried to have you killed,

I swear your stories make mountains out of ant hills,

Fucking with someone’s freedom,

Make a brother want to go upside your head

With an anvil,

“Man chill…”


Moving on to a thicker slice of the pie,

Typical starlet type,

With the brown sugar eyes,

But one must be wise,

To the hooker’s lies,

She once lied on the whole varsity squad


Back in 2010,

They didn’t pay for the lap dances,

So she plotted her revenge,

Claimed that her and a couple of friends

Were gang raped and forced to do sickly acts,

But here comes those prickly facts,

As their lawyers saw right through the cracks of your story…

You used to wish upon the stars daily,

That was until your so-called best friend

Hooked you up with R. Kelly,

Too young to drive,

But apparently not too young to contemplate suicide,

Some ghoulish bride,

You didn’t go back home due to foolish pride,

Your best friend had you out there recruiting more snatch,

Oblivious to carnage around you,

Or what diseases you may catch,

I feel sorry for the whole lot of you,

Had you turning out a THOT or two,

But God is remarkable,

He saved you in the nick of time,

You caught wind of one of my rhymes,

And found the type of self-esteem

That make Black women shine,

Escaped the torture and came to your senses,

No longer defenseless,

You started a couple of businesses,

And haven’t looked back since… 

DeJuan Cuffee