Bad Batch (2019)


When is the last time you had anything positive

To say about a woman,

Or more specifically, a Black woman,

You're probably single for a reason,

Yet another season of swimming

In your self-induced batches of jism,

Your jargon is full of falsehoods and misguided beliefs,

The opposite of wisdom,

Broken by a system,

You lash out daily like a victim,

You whine as if some Sista is behind you with a pistol

Talking about “Brrr stick’em ha ha ha stick’em”


You reap what you sow,

The negativity grows,

Maybe your hatred for women

Is because you're always chasing the same hoes,

I mean even the lames know

Which dames are real ladies,

And which ones went pro,

But there you go cutting down Black women

Like those real housewives episodes,

Your fakery crept in slow,

Disguised in pro-Black clothes,

But your self-hatred was exposed,

I suppose you ran into a bad example,

Tasting sample after sample of bad choices for mates,

But wait,

Could it be you are to blame for falling for click bait,

Having a hand for a soul mate,

You have enough excuses to fill the whole lake,

If you like easy prey,

Don't get mad if they are easily swayed,

You relate to the hood,

Which is all well and good,

Then it must be understood

That many a lady has far surpassed that mentality,

It isn't about higher salaries,

But more a knock on your simplistic realities,

You only live once,

And standing in place is for the dunce,

Why not grow up and enjoy what life has to offer,

Versus complaining all day about being broke

And fucked up in the game like negativity's stalker,

Many a Sista is like, "Is that your final offer?"

No wonder she wants you to get up off her,

Your potential is great,

But pushing 50 and still not having your shit together

Is a long time to make her wait,

There is more to being “woke” or “awake,”

It is also about making moves to create a better life,

A better space,

You can tell she is disappointed in you

By the look on her face...

DeJuan Cuffee