The Formula (2018)

The Formula.jpg

You want me to believe my friend,

Just out of nowhere,

Decided to commit suicide like a kamikaze pilot,


I think it was more of that unjustified police violence,

Followed by character assassination by the media,

A cover-up all the more seedier,

The tried and true formula to dispose of darkies,

He ordered the chicken with the dark meat,

Right before some deranged officer decided to spark heat,

Tainted beef,

He was mistaken for another Blackman

That was in the neighborhood causing grief,

But this is of no matter to the police,

As far as they were concerned,

They were cleaning up the streets,

Another innocent man is shot through his teeth,

When they found him,

His blood was all over his seats,

And he had poop in his briefs,


A sad way to go out,

Of course, the media played him out,

Talked about him always getting high

(Which was a flat out lie),

My friend was barely making ends meet,

Trying to get by,

His junior year in college,

I had just bought him a suit, shirt, and tie,

So that he could interview for an internship,

You know, give the next level a try,

And just like that,

Another Blackman dies,

As more grief is trampled upon with countless lies,

His pregnant girlfriend is despondent,

And all she utters is, “Why?”

I’m too angry to cry,

The officers responsible were merely suspended with pay,

At the funeral I couldn’t look his mother in the face,

For times like these,

Therapy has a place,

His Pops is distraught,

Wondering if he should let the legal system figure it out,

Or just say fuck it,

And do some vigilante justice,

But maybe that would make it worse,

Burying your child is unlike any pain on this green earth,

I’m broken emotionally,

I just can’t seem to shake the pain,

I could give two shits how I do socially,

Of him,

Only the memories remain…

DeJuan Cuffee