Chocolate Intoxicant II (featuring the Don) (2019)

Chocolate Intoxicant II.jpg

Carnal Caramel was back for more,

Fascinated by the Don’s slang for sure,

We banged to the background of her orgasmic scores,

Until I couldn’t resist her fabled twist,

And the way our bodies absorbed,

Her skin so pure,

Her sly grin assured my triumphant roar…


Oh brother,

Here comes simmering Cocoa Butter,

We are known to be lovers,

She is a furnace under the covers,

And as fine as the first time

Beauty was ever defined or discovered…


Extra Dark Chocolate

Certainly cornered my market,

Convincing me that it was logic

To sooth her hot pocket,

Legs wrapped all around me,

So I drilled like a sergeant…



Ms. Fudge had me back by the fire,

Mutual was our desire,

So flaming hot it made our poems perspire,

Mind blown from her acts of high wire,  

We elevated mankind until time got tired… 


By now Butterscotch’s locks

Were all the way down to her buttocks,

There I was sporting a woody harder than trig,

She wanted to play hide the salami,

So, it hid,

Our dance with erotica

Damn near produced kids…  


This Hazelnut Nubian was more than fine,

She insisted I stick it like a porcupine,

I assure you, I didn’t mind,

We flowed effortlessly like my rhymes,

The pleasure was all mines…


Black is beautiful is an ongoing sequel

Until you get it through your heads people,

Black is beautiful is on repeat

Until they all believe you...

 Black is beautiful, Black, Black is beautiful

DeJuan Cuffee