Every Bullet Has a Story (2019)

I am sick of brothers killing brothers

Being a given every weekend,

Another cat got angry over a bet, pulled out his gun,

Then murdered home slice,

In that sequence,

No longer spotted at the clubs he used to frequent,

Told the victim’s toddler brother

That his brother’s death was only pretend,

Dead broke in January,

So you know he’s freezing,

Out on his ass,

And on the run from the police men,

Sooner or later,

You know the streets win,

His ex-girl wanted revenge

So she happily walked into the precinct,

Informed the officers where this murderer was probably sleeping,

This was her way of getting even

For ole boy creeping,

He blew her cousin’s back out on their couch,

Typical, for a lost couple trying to play house,

But back to the killer,

He was shot in his liver down by the river,

He tried to rob a couple,

But he failed to consider

That the other dude was also packing,

Plus he was quicker to the trigger,

Every bullet has a story,

Later that evening,

The policemen found what was left of Torrey…


It took her forty years to find Christ,

But later that night,

Her and the pastor that helped her with the introduction,

Got down to fucking,

Of course he’s married,

But it didn’t stop him

From going after the previous church secretary,

He likes them thick and busty,

He himself was husky,

The women loved the way he dressed,

And his style of preach,

He made the ladies in the church feel lucky,

Like they were sleeping with a celebrity,

Of course it was all bullshit,

And little did he know, his life was in jeopardy,

One husband bitterly plotted his downfall,

He even got the first lady of the church involved,

She had suspected for months that hubby was a player,

So on one fateful night, a few months later,

She asked her cheating spouse for a favor,

Needed him to go to the store

To pick up her lottery tickets,

He left, and the coast was clear,

Now the plot thickens,

As Mr. Religious

Would have a surprise waiting on him

When he got back to the kitchen,

Back 15 minutes later,

Thinking about what to eat at the dinner table,

When there stood a member of his congregation with a pistol,

Then in walked the first lady,

As she begin to whistle,

She smiled as if she was up to something sinister,

They wanted him to strip naked,

He begin to whimper,

The gun pointed at his petrified member,

His wife urged the soon to be killer on,

He shot his penis off,

And Mr. Preacher man got his thriller on,

Screaming, dancing around in his own puddle of blood,

He was shot again,

After a haunting thud,

They rolled his body up in the rug,

Demented I know,

Another 48 Hours episode,

Every bullet has a story,

Those thirsty church women will miss Pastor Corey…    

DeJuan Cuffee