Orgasm (2017)


The tenderness in your eyes,

The sun rises mid-thigh,

Lustily I pry your undergarments to the side,

The words you recite invite indelible delights,

Love is evolving,

Can you hear the carnal calling,

Karma’s stalling,

Trusting the raw dogging,

All involving succulent metaphors,

You taught me to never sweat a whore,

I implore,

You to allow me to show you

What each and every letter is for,

Strokes soar,

Above board,

Liquids mixing for sure,

Lavish trappings,

Yet we dine on all fours like that one style,

Flipped the turnstile,

You grabbed it,

Oh, you’re going to learn now,

Earn wows,

My vocabulary can plow for miles and miles,

Don’t let destiny explode all over your blouse,

How can a flow turn creativity into a spouse,

Surely the ingenious wordplay

And polished perfection must joust,

We clap it out

Until this appreciative erection runs south,

Painting pictures like permanent fixtures in my head,

Words were said long before I got you in bed,

The culture,

Is why we eventually wed,

Crafting sculptures,

But we settled for teasing tortures instead,

In-out, in-out

Like the Pure Romanticist Locked in Time,

That ole Bebop and Doo-wop in rhymes,

Everlasting is my prime,

Creations continue to climb,

What scale?

Mountainous monuments mash out whales,

I went off on the deep end this rhyme,

Regal and refined,

Like the flashback moment in time,

When I nearly settled for being the best…



All I do is unwind,

Expand my mind,

Like nature intended,

We combine,

Creating symphonic shrines that tickle the spine,

Just close your eyes,

And you’ll get the rhythm in due time,

Second nature to date you,

Impregnate you,

And birth miraculous majestic meteors,

Fulfilling your needs for sure,

Triumphant encores,

Pumping until I’m sore,

The Don roars,

Flip the speak into ill matrimony freaks,

And dialects neglected,

Pleading for the injection,

Blessed by my reflection,

Poetry’s obsession,

Got her flipping out like Simone Biles

And Mary Lou Retton,

Precision protects passion,

Decision directs smashing,

All up in the walls,

Niagara Falls,

And for those inept rhymers,

Viagra calls,

As you jack the hammer to ghostwriter’s blogs,

Voyeurs move on,

After they’ve witnessed the dawn of the Don,

An all too familiar icon in the era of slang,

Poetically, I let my nuts hang,

And my witty-witty bang bangs,

She loves my sophistication

In the translation of complex lyrical equations,

Superior sayings should one-day birth nations,

At times the melodies are colorless,

But most times I prefer the caramel and chocolate,

Love it when she shows me how dark it gets,

Black love is marvelous,

Especially when the distinction is so targeted,

Hardened hits,

A darkened bliss,

Irresistible kiss,

Ahh, those thick juicy lips,

(which ones),

Moving along,

As you try on select thongs,

I show my collection of songs,

And oh, my goodness,

You are so turned on,

I mean so turned on,

But sweetheart,

I have so many more patterns,


DeJuan Cuffee