Planet Zudo (Endless Fascinations) (2018)

Flashback to those times when the battles with my mind

Had me feeling worthless,

Vulnerable to the circus of serpents,

It wasn’t until God healed my mind

That I could see my purpose,

I wrote shrine after shrine

Until I was no longer nervous,

Classics, yes,

But far from perfect,

My maker’s a hard grader,

He claims I barely scratched the surface…  


Back when that fashionable lady divine chimed

That her initial reading of a Sultan rhyme

Was like having an orgasm for the first time,

Planets ago,

My chaos ripped the fabric of the universe,

Cursed to don the human flesh on earth,

Blessed because of the Blackness of it all,

Crowned a legend far after my fall…

From existence,

Ideas spawn revolutions in the distance,

Times insistence on moving on…


Standout in any era,

Once wielded words of terror,

Lines buried under ashes,

The stash couldn’t be any rarer,

Immaculate flow that the myths bust off to,

Roots seduced the pace that lost you,

Left over minerals,

Sources of fruit provide the proof,

The soil was different back then…  

DeJuan Cuffee