Infidelity (2018)

Lyrically I go in like they do on Griselda records,

You're married with a side chick

So I can tell you're reckless,

Your wife came home early from a business trip,

Wanted to surprise you with breakfast,

Bust in on you giving some underage girl

A pearl necklace…


Kelly was all about the infidelity,

Her excuse was that her husband had smelly feet,

You should see the dudes that Kelly meets,

I mean every week,

Had dudes sprinting in between her cheeks

Like a track meet,

A white girl that liked the Black meat,

A sad reality,

Because her husband swore up and down

He made her happy…


Patrice was all about sisterhood,

But this married broad let her friends lick her good,

I'm talking all up under the hood like a mechanic,

But her husband saw a couple of her text messages,

So she started to panic,

Weeks went by, and he never brought it up,

She couldn't understand it,

Until one day she came home to a letter he wrote,

It said he left her for his mistress Janet…


Love Jones is running rampant,

And he found the one,

Which is hard to do on this planet,

I’m talking that science fiction

Meets a fine Black nerd who teaches Spanish,

And into comics,

Their relationship had such promise,

He got down on one knee,

And her fainting was how she responded,

Once she awoke, she uttered yes,

Now, if only this groom to be

Could stop sleeping around

With the other down low rejects…


Cautionary is this piece,

Cheating brings about the opposite of peace...

DeJuan Cuffee