On this Episode (2018)

On this Episode.jpg

For some men and women it is a daily routine

To bash the opposite sex

By posting silly little memes,

I guess that is why you are still single,

Chasing the man or woman of your dreams…

Some idiots tried to say my art was vulgar and obscene,

But I represent the culture of kings and queens,

And if you don’t like what I have to say,

Then it probably wasn’t meant for you anyway,

I’m beyond your thought process or folly logic,

Sacred my lineage,

A giant amongst the microscopic,

No matter the topic,

The Sultan shines regardless,

With enough wisdom to fit in the margins,

The flow is futuristic,

While your favorite artist

Is outdated like a Nintendo cartridge,

Never nice when a bimbo starts shit,

On the Don’s worst day,

He would’ve never entered your starfish…


You still medicating off that self-hate,

Disparaging your Sistas,

And waiting for some of them to take the bait,

As you argue and debate

On things that are only further denigrating our race,

Aimless jargon, negativity sparring,

Your miserable nature is quite jarring,

I feel bad for your souls,

But that nonsense gets old,

And you don’t need some sacred scrolls

To tell you on this episode,

That “Life is what you make it…”

DeJuan Cuffee