Random Seeds (2018)

I don’t have the time or patience debating

One of those uneducated 45 voters,

Whose idea of swag

Was being raised in a house full of confederate flag posters,

(Pull over, pull over),

I swear these killer cops are like the troubled youth,

Just itching to pull their guns out their holsters,

So glad my days of dating those

Female emotional rollercoasters

Are long over,

There were approximately two days in my entire life

Where I wasn’t sober,

The Don loved it when they bent over,

Nowadays I’m just grateful for diaper bags and baby strollers,





The greatest ever,

I say that with a straight face like poker,

My books are back-to-back-to-back classics,

Volumes of greatness for the culture,

Spirit of the original man,

I expand the minds of one-dimensional fans,

The flow sports that hospitable tan,

I’m talking poetry and hip-hop did the nasty,

And birthed the likes of me,

And the flow is handsome,

Even the dikes agreed,

Plant seeds of hope like it’s the master plan,

God mastered man,

I chose the rhyme particles,

Divine marvels merged with legendary proficiency,

A one-man dynasty chasing perfection,

But realistically, settling for excellence,

All hail the Sultan,

Stay tuned for my next message…

Or recollection…

DeJuan Cuffee