The Promo (2018)

The Promo.jpg

One of the reasons Black love is so beautiful

Is because they said we couldn’t do it,


This negativity is put to music,

Myths of all Black men being deadbeat dads,

And how the Black women are always mad,

But our confidence (or what some call swag),

Will outlast these silly little trends and fads,

Our history, our very existence

Was regal, royal, and refined,

But in way too many rhymes

Kings and Queens is not how we are defined,

Slavery and institutional racism have done a number

On our minds,

So much so, that even when some of us shine,

We are still (say it with me),

Death, dumb, and blind,

But wait a minute,

It is mountains that we’ve climbed,

Search it out, and in due time,

You’ll find,


Heroic acts

That broke us out of chains,

Moved us out of shacks,

Having to go way, way back

To stories of glory,

Riches and fortunes, unimaginable,

Intelligence, scientific, mathematics, literature, and the arts,

That would make our current construct unfathomable,


That’s why we celebrate the way we do,

We broke loose from Jim Crow’s noose,

But now we must do battle with self-hate,

And educate our youth,

Enough with the spoofs, grown ass babies, and spooks,

It’s about justice and truth,

For some of you,

Your lack of ambition is a family tradition,

Why don’t you look in the mirror,

And stop blaming everyone but you

For your current condition,

Or station in life,

We should be out here elevating,

But you’re out here faking the fight,


I spark it (use my brain)

Because our darkness awakens the light,

Black Sultan Productions,

Spell it right!

DeJuan Cuffee