Higher Learning (2018)

Higher Learning.jpg

Back when Barry Sanders changed Rod Woodson

From an all-pro cornerback into a safety,

You were popping out those babies,

Me, I was in class, concerned with graduating,

After a couple of years of relating,

I found it so fascinating,

That you thought my confidence was shaken

When you chose a typical womanizer over the Don,

True, of you I was fond,

But far too many swans

Were swimming in your pond,

And I was never fond of sharing,

Still, you kept on staring,

Swearing I would come back and save the day,

I left, and only the name remains,

I reached higher plains,

Jet flames with lines of propane,

Switched up the game,

Still humble I remained,

Just enough so,

That God wouldn’t label me a lame,

Yeah, you were once “that” dame,

But I graduated…

DeJuan Cuffee