The Don’s Takeover Was Inevitable (featuring Flash Dance) (2019)

The Don's Takeover.jpg

“You’re so pretty when you’re faithful to me,”

The Don’s mistress she was grateful to be,

Back in the day

I was running in the streets of Virginia Beach,

Who knows,

I was probably up in your peach,

My slang allowed her to shake her thang,

Poetry told me I’d be the man soon,

This was back before I was in Cancun

With chocolate intoxicants and snow bunnies

Auditioning to show me the damn moon…


She was hotter than a volcano,

She was turned on by my looks,

But more impressed with my insane flow,

That sustained dope,

Conversations, adult relations, gratification,

Sonic boom elations, Holy book translations,

The Don taught her patience,

Not into the golden showers,

I emboldened flowers,


Just one encounter with the Don changed her life,

She saw up close what confidence looked like,

And she went on to think twice

Before giving any other man the time of day,

Back then I had more time to slay,

I’m talking penning four or five rhymes a day,

Too easy to take her breath away,

Only the Lord above could keep my ego in place…   

The flyest thing since Prince and Rick James were in their primes,

Mankind ruined God’s perfection by losing their minds,

And coming up with poor engineering designs,

Meanwhile I was steering shrines,

Trying to save poetry from being unrefined,

But she was unfastening fast

So I could relish her behind,

That high school dance type of grind,

Where the slow thinkers were just standing in line,

With the flow I reached the tip top,

And sent her back with a message

Like that real hip-hop,

Her exes were always disrespectful

Like showing up to a job interview wearing flip flops,

I was impregnating poetry virgins with thrill shots,

Planetary realism, variations on rhymes with real plots,

A Black Renaissance,

But the Don’s slang was lost,

She wanted to lick me from head to toe,

Intellectually, I fed her hope…

DeJuan Cuffee