Making the Unnatural Natural (2019)

Making the Unnatural Natural.jpg

You hang with the gangs,

Ya’ll slang, rob and steal for fun,

What good is it to be fly and young,

But dead at 21,

I said, “What good is it to be fly and young,

But dead at 21?”


Sick and tired of the same scenarios and reruns,

You think you’re a man because you own three guns,

That is not what makes you a man son,

A man is someone that takes care of his responsibilities,

Takes care of his family,

Earns an honest living,

Is there for his children,

A man surely isn’t going around beating up on women,

That’s a punk,

You are rapping in songs

About how much money you made last month,

Selling that poison to people that look just like you,

Your girlfriend thins that bullshit is cool,

Because she rocks the latest shoes,

And flyest hairdos,

The thought of finding God scares you,

You claim you’re ambitious,

With a lifespan as short as Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols),

Your codes are backwards,

A bunch of suicidal actors,

Killing yourselves to live,

And I’m sick of reading these God-awful chapters,

You want to be the next big boss,

Swear up and down you are the next Rick Ross,


I’m like, “Huh, which one?”

You respond back, “Pick one,”

I don’t want you to be another victim,

Therefore, I plan to mentor you,

But fate tore through you like tissue,

Bullets met for someone else in your crew hit you,

You took four to the chest,

Some sucker in your crew said,

“He should’ve worn a vest,”

There you were,

Dressed so fresh in your casket,

So young, a fate so tragic…

These young brothers keep making the unnatural natural,

Mothers and fathers burying their kids

Being a routine occurrence is factual,

Crazy that this nonsense is accepted,

The trap and it’s methods,

Countless lives wasted by self-hate,

And onlookers are still skeptic,

With their pointless debates,

Education can be one of the best problem solvers,

It will take you a whole lot further than that revolver,

You claim your family is despondent due to economics,

So that ended your days of being honest,

I swear, you are quicker than Sonic (the Hedgehog)

When it comes to excuses,

What I see in you is revolution,

One protest poem away from evolution,

I love you too much to stay quiet,

Imagine, if you will, a riot,

To voice our displeasure with Blacks killing Blacks

Being an acceptable reality,

Because more Blacks are dying from killing each other,

Than from police brutality,

And it’s not even close,

Inspiration and hope are in these quotes,

Enough to give negativity a stroke,

I’m beyond woke,

I’ve been provoked by Blacks that gloat

About doing harm to their own,

Instead of sitting in thrones, owning homes,

You’re lying in graves,

Reimagined in movies, songs, and poems…

DeJuan Cuffee