Techniques (2019)


Just because you receive likes,

Don’t mean they like you,

Jealousy will roll right up on you

And side swipe you,

She met him at H&M in the men’s section,

Thought they were met to be

Because they had a connection,

Truth is, he only liked her

Because she gave him an erection,

Standard progressions in life can be stunted by misconceptions,

You miscalculated your relevance,

And were astonished by your own deception,

The very things you are consumed with

Robbed you of your gifts,

Your demons (addiction)

Had you ready to jump off a cliff,

Instead of preaching,

I tried reaching you through rhymes that uplift,

Sorcery as the sunset,

Caught you mid drift,

You lived…


There is nothing new under the sun,

I conquered poetry with the material I wrote in 2001,

Ever since then I’ve taken the genre to higher levels,

The flow is special,

Words inspire rebels,

Metaphors mash out devils,

You divorced your wife because you filled her life,

But didn’t fulfill her life,

God sustains us, maintains us,

Don’t confuse lust with trust,

The truth serum will clear your mind,

You thought she was finer than wine

When you were hitting it from behind,

After you bust,

She’s as attractive as a stop sign,

Girlfriend, time after time he lets you down,

If he isn’t shit by now,

Why stick around,

You’ve wasted almost a decade dating,

What mentally, may as well be a little boy,

With your friends you’re a little annoyed

Because they always spot his ploys,

Concerned that he takes away your joy,

Meanwhile, you’re missing out on the real McCoy…  

DeJuan Cuffee