DeJuan’s style of poetry is polished and intellectual, yet abstract; and he possesses an acute sense of rhythmic writing, to go along with an endless imagination, and very reflective voice.  He is often described by readers of his work as an excellent storyteller, with ingenious wordplay, and clever concepts.  DeJuan’s poetry covers a vast array of topics and themes, to include protest poetry on social issues such as racism and politics, well thought out pieces on Black culture and consciousness, and themes on love, sex, and romance.  He talks about everyday life experiences, provides inspirational quotes of hope, expresses his love for his family, music, and tells cautionary tales (short stories), all with hip-hop inspired lyricism throughout.  DeJuan is one of the more proficient and prolific poets of his era, continuing to craft jewels on a regular basis.

Aside from writing poetry, DeJuan loves spending time with his family, listening to his extensive music collection, reading, watching television, going to the movies, and cheering on his San Francisco 49ers. 


The different personas of Dejuan


DeJuan – This persona is down to earth, and very humble, and he is the fiery voice of protest poetry you’ll hear throughout this book, especially on issues involving racial discord and the injustices against Black people.  He defends the exploited and oppressed, and attacks the oppressor; his, is often times the voice of hope.  This is the persona that the audience often relates to the most, in terms of what the poet is trying to get across, his voice is often reflective, as he loves to apply life lessons, common sense, and essentially, teach the audience.  In addition, he continues to give you a glimpse into the loves of his life, his lovely wife Marsha Cuffee, and their beautiful daughters Brooke and Kennedy Cuffee.

Sultan – The forever confident Sultan, it is this persona that really kick started this whole notion that I could actually write books of poetry.  This persona is larger than life, with an “ego as wide as the universe,” as he likes to say; this persona has the personality at times of a “battle MC or rapper,” at times using his words as weapons.  Though he provides plenty of inspiration with his quotes, the Sultan is a huge fan of himself, and swears he is the greatest poet to ever step foot on this planet.  He loves to reference space and aliens to make the point that he is beyond this place (earth), which brings home his point that he is not your average cat, he is truly a unique specimen.

The Don – This persona is the ladies’ man, at times thinking he is God’s gift to women, smooth, fly, and debonair, and a superhero of sorts in the bedroom.  Yet another confident persona, but with a hint of vulnerability, and at times displaying class and chivalry. Still the “Pure Romanticist Locked in Time,” he is often found chasing Julie, his love interest in many a poem.  As stated in the previous volume, Julie is not an actual person, she is a combination of experiences involving love, lust, romance, and passion.  She evolves over time, her race varies, at times she is a Black woman, other times she is a White woman, and in some cases, she may even be an elf (which was her original depiction) depending on the particular piece of poetry.